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Nutritional Evaluation Counseling

Dr. Gina Sirchio is a primary care physician, and is additionally a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.  This has given Dr. Sirchio advanced expertise in the biochemistry and physiology of the human body.  This knowledge is used along with the health history, examination, laboratory findings and other measurements to restore a patient’s health.  Patients often have wide-ranging unresolved symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, intestinal bloating and stomach upset.  Quite often there is a nutritional need that is not being met to allow the body to become so uncomfortable.  Traditional medications often are not as helpful as is needed and it is often at this time that a patient seeks further care.

Dr. Sirchio frequently addresses weight management, thyroid conditions, general fatigue, headaches, poor digestion and bloating, irritability, abnormal menstruation, infertility, fibromyaglia, diabetes and high cholesterol among other conditions.

Additionally, Dr. Sirchio will also address the athlete for optimal performance nutrition.  Here, the goal is to be sure the athlete is best prepared through diet and possibly supplements to perform in their sport at their absolute best.  The body’s composition, basal metabolic rate, caloric intake, quality of caloric intake and sport’s fuels are all analyzed to ensure the athlete is getting all they can out of their body.  No short cuts are taken, and no illegal products are ever used.


Nutritional supplementation may be recommended for optimal recovery and health.  The doctor only uses products from highly reputable and well researched companies.  If a product is recommended, please complete the prescribed therapies.  If you are seeking to reorder your supplements, please see the "Resources" page.

Personal Training referrals and co-treatment

At times, a patient's best health plan may require many health professionals to cooperate over care.  Referrals are made as necessary.  Additionally, personal trainers may be suggested.  Consideration is given to a patient's needs, personal goals, personality and budget.

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    Patient Resources


    Dr. Sirchio has chosen her favorite companies based on their excellent product quality, extreme dedication to research and helpful customer service.

    The following products have been selected by Dr. Sirchio for baseline health.  If you are not currently a patient of Dr. Sirchio, you may choose ONLY from the list below.  For other products or questions on something specific to your needs please make an appointment. 

    Metagenics: Enter your personal information to create a file.

    Xymogen: Enter Doctor Code: LGIH13 and Doctor Name: Sirchio

    For Women:

    Wellness Essentials for Women
    2 packets that supply a daily multi-vitamin, calcium, magnesium, fish oils and vitamin E.  Always take with food.  

    Cal Apatite Forte
    highly absorbable calcium- always take with food.

    For Men:

    Wellness Essentials For Men
    2 packets that supply a daily multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, fish oils and zinc.  Always take with food.

    For Women or Men:

    Active Essentials
    a daily packet that supply multi-vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Always take with food.

    Active Essentials Plus Calcium
    the above with added calcium

    B –Active
    a wonderful B complex to support energy

    Vitamin D3- 2000IU
    Activated Vitamin D3 to help support levels even during the Chicago winter!

    Dr. Sirchio assumes no responsibility or risk for your usage of the above products unless you are a current patient and these products were chosen under her written prescription.

    Please take all of the above products with a meal for best results.

    Health Tips

    The desire to change one's body is fairly equal between men and women.  Whether the desire is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase strength or just make it up the flight of stairs without huffing and puffing- people wish for change.

    It is good to know that change IS possible for anyone, but it does require the right foods and frequent exercise.  Exercise and nutrition always go hand-in-hand and research continues to show that neither does well alone.  Make some simple changes in your life to get started today!

    5 Nutritional Changes:  

    • Eat at least 1 cup of steamed veggies every day
    • Eat at least 12-15 grams of protein with breakfast (hint: eggs, chicken sausage, protein smoothies...)
    • Drink more water
    • Have green tea instead of that third cup of coffee
    • Omit ALL artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives and flavorings. (hint: choose stevia, honey or agave syrup to sweeten)

    5 Fitness Changes:

    • Plan and schedule your workouts at the start of each week.
    • Get good gear!  The right shoes, comfy but supportive workout clothes mean a lot and don't have to be expensive.
    • Find exercise you enjoy.  Many gyms and classes offer a trial for you before you invest.
    • Go for a walk after dinner.  
    • Remember that the body is built for motion and not the couch!

    Factor 75:

    Factor 75, a meal delivery service in Chicago, prepares and delivers meals designed to provide a perfect balance of nutrition and taste to enhance mind and body performance. Their menu changes seasonally and incorporates the latest trends and research in nutrition, including the fact that 75% of your fitness results come from what you eat. Factor 75 makes eating right easy, with healthy meals delivered fresh to your home or office.  Learn more about Factor 75 here: 


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